Production Guideline EL-Displays

1. Step One – Consulting and Price Offer
To reach and push the internal marketing targets from our clients, it is very important for us to find out the effectives areas for EL-Displays from the clients marketing mix. Based on our experience, we work strong together with the client for an individual concept solution to applicants the EL-Displays. With the basic information’s: application field of the displays, display size, electricity supply, % lighted up areas at the display (50% or 100%), we give you a personally offer and timeline for production.

2. Step Two – Animated Image Sample
The client send us via email a High Resolution Image from his advertising sujet, together with a short description of the wished lighted up areas. Within a few working days we create an animated file from the clients image, witch shows the light controlled function as an EL-Display. Based on our experience, we create optional for his client’s image an own light animation suggestion. The client gets these animated files via email for a proof, to take over eventually changes of the flashing areas and also light controlling.

3. Step Three – Prototyping Master
After receiving the client’s written confirmation of the animated file proof, as well a written order, a master sample (tooling EL-Display) will be produced. The costs of the master sample / tooling is mentioned in your personal offer. The production time to produce the master sample is approximately 3-4 weeks. The master sample shows for client the realized EL-Display. This is the last stage for the client to change anything before the mass production starts. If the client wants further changes on the light controlling at this stage, we will charge extra costs. After proofing the master sample by client, we need a written confirmation to start the mass production.

4. Step Four – Production Bulk Order
After the client’s OK for the master sample, the mass production will be started based to the payment terms. The payment terms are described in your personal offer. The time for production depends on many facts (displays size and shape, application field for the panels, electricity supply, light animation effects, quantity, aso., …) and will be given to you in the stage of consulting and price offer.

5. Step Five – Delivery
When the mass production is done, based on the payment terms the EL-Displays are ready to pick up from SP-A warehouse. The payment terms and deliver conditions are described in your personally offer. If not agreed otherwise, the deliver is ex factory from SP Warehouse in Vienna. The deliver time depends on many facts (transport ways, quantity, tax of national countries, aso., …) and will be given to you in the stage of consulting and price offer.