Basic Information about Electroluminescent


  • 1 mm thin Flat-lamp, with electrical voltage starts to shine
  • light weight, flexible and very debitable
  • shook proof, kick determined and unbreakable
  • deliverable in each shape and many colours
  • create self lighted light in different colours
  • creates a glimmer- and glare-free light
  • possible to fade in - fade out (1 channel)
  • creates no heat (98 % light instead of heat)
  • perfect for impulse controlled light (light graphics)
  • visible wide regarding accurate contours
  • low energy consumption
  • with 110 Volt / 350 Hz a life span above 10.000 hrs.
  • easy and cost-effective to upgrade (~ 1 mm thin)
  • splash proof due PE-foil-use

Electricity supply of the EL-Displays:
Depend on the application field, display size, and the lighted up area (up to 50% or up to 100%) the EL-Displays can be operated with Battery or Inverter/AC-DC-Driver.

  • Battery operating up to size A5 (~300 cm2)
  • Inverter/AC-Driver (Input 110/220/240Vac)
  • Inverter/DC-Driver (Input 12/24Vdc)

Deliverable Sizes of the EL-Displays:
Produce able EL-Displays up to 1800 x 1200 mm (City Light Size) or 2000 x 1000 mm. For such big sizes the recommend limited lighting area is 30 % of the whole panel.

Electroluminescent (EL) Sheet Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage AC80V - AC 100 V
Operating Frequency  800Hz – 1200Hz
Operating Temperature 0° C- 50°C
Storage Temperature -10°C – 60°C
Operating Humidity 50% - 70%
Storage Humidity  30% - 90%
Operating Current  0.14 – 0.25 mA /
Brightness 30 – 80 cd / m2 depends on the type of phosphorus powder being used
Thickness 0.4mm to 1.0mm +/- 10%
Bend Radius 0.5”
Life Span More than 10.000 Hrs. It depends on the lamps operating condition, driving condition and duty cycle. The higher the applied frequency or applied voltage, the brighter the EL lamp will be, the shorter the lifetime.
Warranty 6 month after delivery with each part pays one way of the
transport fee

No warrenty will be provided for EL panels that were used outside the mentioned spec. EL panels & inverter are NOT water-proof. Special treatment with additional charges can make the panel rain-proof.