Increase your target groups interest and attention of your POS advertising with the new EL-Displays, by printing your personal advertising image on the few mm thin, flexible and super light weight EL-Panel. With impulse controlled light graphic an animated Eye-Catcher is born.

EL-foils (Electroluminescent) have been used since years for backlight of mobile phone screens
or car dashboards.
Meantime the EL-Display is more than only back lighted. Each Display can animate different sequences of the image up to 36 channels and one dimming effect. Each colour of your High Resolution Image can be realized as a dynamic EL-Display.
Dual Mode Visual Effect: The advertising subject on the EL-Displays will be seen by on and off switched light.
As a result of the impulse controlled light graphic, a dynamic motion effect keeps the interest of the viewer at the POS alive.

Application field of the EL-Displays:

  • on vending Machines (Cigarette, Beverage, Food or Nonfood)

  • on Refrigerators (Beverage, Ice)

  • in Bars, Restaurants and Tobacco Stores and Shops

  • integrated into Advertising Dispender

  • as a City Light Poster

  • on Baseball Caps and T-Shirts

  • ASO. …

A unique way to create effective impressions!