1992 Has been established the Snowboards own brand “LIMITED 4 YOU” (L4Y) by Klaus Schanta.
1993 Enlarged the Production with Bindings, Boots, Ski, and promotion articles.
Cooperation with Hervis (AT, I, SLO, HU) and Intersport EYBL.
Building up the sales network with further international sport dealers.
1994 Promotional Snowboards production in the customers CI and extension by Snowboard Fashion line.
1995 Start Hologram production in the CI of the customers and selling of OEM Products.
Development of a super light aluminium plate Binding for Snowboards.
Development and production of Titanal-overlays for Snowboards.
1996 Holograms are integrated in Snowboard designs.
Expansion of the offered product range with Snowboards.
1997 Development and selling of textile-holograms.
1998 Promotional Ski and Skateboards production.
Licence “fishbone” for Snowboard production.
Development and selling of „Glide in& Out“ soft and plate Bindings
(faster step in and get off) for Snowboards. World presentation on the ISPO Munich.
1999 Development and production of safety Holograms – security profile – 3D fingerprint.
Star of “Gate X” internet platform for sport article marketing.
2000 Sport 2000 as sales partner for Fishbone’s licensed products.
Start sponsoring the Snowboard Worldcuprider Claudia Riegler in co-operation with Hervis.
Honouring “Business Development Circle” for Security Profiles.
Production and selling of colour-Holograms.
Production and selling of Lenticular promotional materials.
2001 Distribution of L4Y products in Korea, Poland, Slovakia, Italia, Czech Rep.
2002 Start the sale of „animated DISPLAYS“ for German-speaking countries.
Claudia Riegler Olympia participation in Salt Lake City 2002, USA.
2003 Operational separation the sports article production (Snowboards, Bindings, Ski,..) and advertising production (Lenticular, Holograms, animated DISPLAYS).
Sponsorship start of the Snowboard Worldcuprider Dominik Hörner in co-operation with Hervis.
Production and sale of the “T8 Gold Edition” Snowboard, the first Snowboard with 24 carat gold overlay on the world.
2004 Sales start of „animated CITYLIGHT Technology“ for German-speaking countries.
Start the Hologram production in pharmacy business.
Sponsoring the Snowboard Worldcuprider Nici Pedazzoli in co-operation with Hervis. Participation on World-Championship Kreischberg / Austria and winner of a couple of competitions with “T8 Gold Edition”.
2005 Sales start and production of EL-Displays (Electroluminescent) – the innovation on the advertising display sector.
Separating L4Y sports article production and sales into a new Ltd.
Dominik Hörner won the 1st place at the World-Championship 2005 with L4Y Snowboard.
2006 Sold the brand „LIMITED 4 YOU“ to the On Demand GmbH.
Establishment of the new company SP-ADVERTISING (former L4Y-ADVERTISING).
Advancement of the EL-displays in the customers CI.
Further improvement in the international sales network in Germany, Holland, Czech rep. and Poland.
2009 Distribution of LED EDGELIT Displays for Advertising. Development of LED EDGELIT System for City Light Advertising Signs in the size 180x120 cm.
2010 Retrofit LED bulb development with a light distribution angle of 1x180° respectively 2x180° and specific cooling ribs as a replacement of Fluorescent-Neon-Bulbs, Registered at the patent office./td>
2010 Authorized Distributor of the company LEMNIS Lighting, Distribution of the Pharox© LED lamp product range with MESOPIC technology (Indoor lamps).
2011 Authorized Distributor of the company INNOLUMIS, Distribution of the LUMIS LED streetlight product range with MESOPIC technology (Outdoor lamps).